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Welcome to Daiwa Aikido in Uppsala


Welcome to a new dimension in life.


Before I begin, I'll intruce myself.

My name is Carlos Enguis. I started to practice Aikido in Uppsala in 1969 for Ichimura-sensei.

After a year of training I got problems with my wrists and started with power-lifting to strengthen them. 

Time passed and I started with power-lifting at UTK in Uppsala in the old Fyrishallen.
Here I was pretty much in power-lifting, it still has no one beaten my record in bench press,
137,5 kg in the 67 kg class. Well, Veikko Grönqvist also has this feat on his concience, but it was long before my time.

1980 I wanted my son would start with Aikido. When I came to the dojo I met Ichimura-sensei, and he remembered me, although there had been 10 year since we met!

He gave me a hug and asked if I would start again with Aikido. I could not say no after that receipt, so I had to start again with Aikido.
For three years I combined power-lifting with Aikido and in 1984 devoted myself exclusively to the Aikido as the only physical activity.

Photo of me after an Aikido class


And now let's talk Aikido

We start by sorting out some concepts. Aikido is not a Marcial Art ans Aikido is trained not for the sake of Aikido. Aikido is just one method, a key that helps us to feel FLOW in everyday lif and which can be integrated into your own Budoart.

If one engages in something just for that something's sake, then would the result of the work give us the same opportunity to experience flow as if it is committed to the result gives us some satisfaction. We are growing with the result. We are becoming more complex.

When we have Aikido as a part of us, our brain will choose the right score to process the information as at the moment must be taken care of. Learning ability increases when the right part of the brain processes the data and the rest of the brain can focus on something else, such as to relax.

If the brain regions that lack the ability to process a specific data are connected, will the brain to percive it as chaos. Oxigen in quantities is consumed and consciousness are busy focusing on how to get out of this chaos. General annoyance and danger of burn-up occurs then very easy. It's important not to use resources that do not benefit us. That way we can be aware of our actions.

This may seem scientific nonsense, but that's just the way the animals live. The are always relaxed but wary. You can always study a kitten when it is chasing a cotton ball. The whole kitten is relaxed while wating for the ball to start moving.

We must distinguish between being relaxed but waring and being just relaxed. A just relaxed person is an easy target, while a relaxed but waring such has a great chance to come home unscatched.

One woukd think that it is a hassle to constantly be thinking about being on guard. But when you have practised for a while this becomes a part of us. It's like breathing, we no longer think of it. 

Here is Nishio-sensei and I, after a completing day during an Aikido camp in Uppsala


Here below we can see the best that Aikido can give us. Happy and secure children who are about to embark on the dangerous but beautiful puberty.

Junior course completion, Fall 2002

And now I'll talk a bit about Nishio Aikido

Nishio Sensei, I met him the first time in 1984, during an Aikido camp in Uppsala. And even the first session it was clear that it was his Aikido I was looking for.
There was personal chemistry at first sight, I loved his way of instructing and teaching, and always smiling when he persued his techniques, he was superb. Hi, in turn, thought of me as if we had always been friends, and also I felt for him.


Uppsala 2010-09-23

1968 I practiced karate in Stockholm, Sweden, and there I found out that I coulden use my legs for kicks, as the karate spect, so I research a Martial Art that did not require use the legs in that way.

1969 was my first encounter with Aikido and Ichimura sensei. After a year of practice, my wrists were broken. With both wrist broken it was just to go home and lick my wounds. 

It was until 1980 that I come to Aikidon. I wanted my son, Mattias, would train Aikido instead of Wushu. But Ichimura sensei persuaded me to start again. And that is it.

When I started again, in 1980, I practiced all the class it was possible. I trained three beginners courses, the last two in parallel with the advanced training. In five years I trained with that intesity before I started training more normal. Because Aikido is a part of the life and not the life itself, so sometimes we have to prioritize other less funny things in life.

1984 I started an annual jo and bokken camp in Palma de Mallorca, Spain, which from 1988, was the camps focused on Nishio sensei's jo and bokken techniques.

1986 I recived the Shodan by Ichimura sensei.

1987, I took over the Junior class. Here happened something that completely changed me. I started with six (6) children, but I become so involved in the junior's training that I put all my time on them. Instead of practicing once a week I encreased the time to two times a week. When it was big weekend I took the oppotunity to have training camp at children's summer camp Alnäs,  situated at the lake Mälaren, with the childrens who were unable to get away with their parents. Eventually I had over 115 children, and then it was time for a third Aikido class per week. This class was supposed to relatively advanced and sphisticated young children would get an Aikido very close to the adult class. But this was not possible to implement. The management of the club thought that everyone would have the some opportunity to practice on the new class, not only the advanced juniors.

1990 I got nidan of Nishio sensei.

1992 I got sandan also of Nishio sensei, Honbudojon wrote in 1991 in my yudansha card, but does not matter, and that year I left, with tears in my eyes, the children's Aikido class in that Aikido club.

Now I wanted to start my own child Aikido club. I had lost the desire to work out in my pld Aikido club when I couldn't teach the children in my own way.

1993, I and Ulla Hellström had an Aikido demostration for Stenhagen school students. Everyone was so positive that the Fall of 1994, we could get a grant of SEK 30 000 from från Luthagen KDN for the purchase of 50 squar meter tatami. Spring 1995 started Aikido training, in the evening, at that school. Aikido was approved by the school as student-chose from the Fall of 1995.

September 1994 I went to Aikido camp, holded by Nishio Sensei in Katsuura, Chiba, and for a week's private Aikido camp with Suzuki- sensei in Matsuyama.

In Autumn 1995, I started my Aikido club at the famous Chikara Trainings Center in Uppsala.

1997 I got yondan of Nishio-sensei.

1999 I went to Korea and led a two week Aikido camp, based on Nishio Aikido at the Korean Aikikai.

1999 I got nidan i Iai-Toho of Nishio-sensei.

2003, I went to Warabi for training with Nishio Sensei.

April 2003, Aikido camp with Shishiya-sensei in Sandviken, Sweden.

April 2004, Aikido camp with Shishiya-sensei in Sandviken, Sweden.

2004 I went to Yamanakako, Japan, for the Nishio Sensei Aikido camp. A few weeks before the Aikido camp, Nishio Sensei was admitted to hospital, because of his cancer. Instead Arisue sensei and Yoshida sensei cared the camp.

Easter 2004, Aikido camp with Arisue sensei in Copenhage, Denmark.

Easter 2005, Aikido camp with Arisue sensei in Saeby, Denmark.

July 2005, Aikido camp in Sundsvall, Sweden, with Shishiya-sensei.

April 2006, trip to Japan, for practice in both Warabi and Yokohama.

April 2007, graduation trip to Japan. In nine days I trained in : Yokohama, Warabi and Kitaku Aikido Renmei in Kami Nakazato. It was in Kitaku Aikido Renmei as the graduation was resolved by Sakamoto sensei.

In Autumn 2007, we celebrated 12 years as a club.

In Autumn 2007 I was recommended to godan, by Sakamoto sensei and in January  2008, Kamibiraki i Honbu Dojo, proclaimed my godan.

In Spring 2008, I get my godan-graduation of Sakamoto sensei in his dojo Kitaku Aikido Renmei in Kami Nakazato, north of Tokyo.


Daiwa Aikidokai in Uppsala

Address: Kvarngärdetsskolan lilla gymnastiksal,
Thunmansgatan 47, 754 21 Uppsala.
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: 070 244 02 61 (cell), 018-46 80 59 (home), e-mail: daiwa.aikido@budo.se



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