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Welcome to Daiwa Aikido in Uppsala

We are not a typical Aikido Club. The training method that we offer is "not traditional", it is not given by any organization or trendy interpretations of Aikido. Our strategy is to select the best interpretation of O'Sensei's teaching and trying to apply in our cultur.

Aikido: The future Budo today

We thank  Nishio-sensei because he opened the door for us to a higher, better and freer Aikido Dimension.
May his spirit never leave our dojo. 

Aikido is what you make of it. It's OK to praktice Aikido as self-defense. It's OK to practice Aikido for your well being. But what is not OK is if you want to practice Aikido for the sake of the belt.

A Hakama or a belt is just proof that your graduation has been approved by someone. It does not say much about your skills in the Martial Art, or for yourself as a person. Remember that we live in a economic system in wich every graduation costs lots of money, and there are many who would benefit financially from your graduation.

The only reason to set up on a black belt grading is about striving to become a sensei ans specially if you dream of owning a dojo, wich needed all the belts and diploma to get over. Otherwise it's just a waste of time.

So, do you train for a belt's sake, there are plenty of other Aikido clubs who can help you with that.
But do you trin for your own sake and/or to discover what Aikido can do for you, you are very welcome to us at Daiwa Aikidokai in Uppsala.

Aikido is the awareness of our actions. Knowing what we do without the outer brain is engaged in the process.
This is what is called for "KI"

Aikido does not follow Newtons fhysics,
it follows the laws of the quantum physics.
Therefore, we can make a technique as elegant on someone who is planning to attack us, as on somone who is already attacking us.

Thank you for a rewarding Aikido season!

The Autumn season 2013 ends on 19 December.
We wish you all a Merry Christmas, a Happy End in 2013, a new start in 2014, and at last, and not least a good continuation of life itself.

Spring season 2014 begins Tuesday, Jan. 14
and ends Thursday, March 20 due to move to Härnösand.

Note that fr. on March 21, 2014 we are located in Härnösand, the address there we will tell you when we know a little more.

We practice Tuesdays at 
18:00-19:30, Aikido and Toho Iai.

Thursdays at 18:00-19.00, Aikido for kids.

Thursdays at 18:00-19.30, Aikido for all members.

For information call +46 70 244 02 61



Daiwa Aikidokai in Uppsala

Adress: Kvarngärdetsskolan lilla gymnastiksal,
Thunmansgatan 47, 754 21 Uppsala.

See the map

: +46 70 244 02 61 (cell), +46 18 46 80 59 (home), e-mail: daiwa.aikido@budo.se



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http://daiwaaikido.com by Carlos Enguis